Our band was formed by some members of a former group of friends on 18th April 2011.The band’s line-up reflects the classic orchestral composition of the Swabian bands: The tuba and the drum provide the musical pulse. While the melody is blown by the trumpet and the clarinet, the accordion and baritone horn completes the sonority.

The band attaches importance to the maintaining and transmission of the Swabian folk music. Our repertoire includes several folk songs we collected ourselves during the hours spent with the elderly either in a wine cellar or by the warmth of a stove in a small room. We received a lot of help from the conductor, Tamás Farkas to keep the Swabian musical traditions including musical scores and advice.

We seek diversity in our music, so beside our main profile – German folk music in Hungary –, we added some Hungarian evergreens, tangos, rockies and other hits to our repertoire. This resulted in the need for expanding our instrumental knowledge, so our members can play more instruments. We try to satisfy the emerging needs of the audience as much as possible.

During the concerts we wear the traditional costumes from Szár to show our attachment to the Swabian culture.

At the beginning of our career we contemplated playing without amplifiers to reproduce the atmosphere of the old folk entertainments, but the type of the concerts and the arising need made us invest in a high-quality sound system from our own resources.

We undertake balls, weddings, birthday parties and corporate events. We regularly accompany the dance group of Szár (Saarer Tanzgruppe), with them we have visited several countries in Europe (eg.: Germany, Italy, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic), and we had the oppotunity to take part on a USA Tour with the dance group.

Our friends play an important role in the life of the band with their support and regular appearance since our debut. We would not have started without them.

If you are interested, contact us:

Cím: 2066 Szár, Rákóczi Ferenc utca 75.

Telefon: +36-20-932-2392

Email: saarermusikanten@gmail.com